What are the fees for raising on Equity Seed?
The fees associated for issuers (real estate developers) is 5%.
What if I do not meet my minimum raise target?
All committed investors in an unsuccessful raise will receive their investment back. However, a nominal pre-determined rate may be charged to issuer (founder or real estate developer) to cover fees incurred prior to an unsuccessful raise.
What happens after I apply?
Our team reviews applications weekly. Our goal is to respond to an initial application within 7 business days of submission.


What is Equity Seed?
Equity Seed is an Utah based crowd funding platform for everyone to have an opportunity to invest as little as $250 in start-up companies and real estate deals.  We source deals, verify companies, negotiate terms, and add deals to our marketplace for investors to consider
What are fees associated with investment?
Fees are 3-5% of total investment raised. These fees cover  pass-through third party transaction fees associated with credit card processing and ACH fees, KYC/AML verification, SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) entity creation, due diligence , K1's (Taxes) for term of investment, and ongoing support for investment.
What is the minimum amount I can invest?
Minimums range from $250 and above and are dependent upon the agreement with the issuers.